Welcome to Ole Minor Farms in the heart of beautiful Virginia, a five-generation working farm raising angus cows and boer goats; established in the 1930s and home to Jerry E. and Donna M. Ownby and family. We enjoy our work on the farm and love our life here.  If you love what you do it is never a job!  Each day is exciting.

Our Boers include some of the old South African blood lines: Botha, Bucanneer, Kaptein, Malan, Mojo Magic, Noster, Rembrant, Rock Hollow Red Cloud, Tsjaka and Vleck crossed with the T66 Tarzan and his son Klein Tarzan. War Paint and War Chief. Our black herd sire has Eggs and Imax genes. We have newly added Bon Joli.

Want color? We have it.  Beautiful solid reds, solid blacks, dapples and also black and red paints.

Take a look at our animals and feel free to write or call for more information: info@oleminorfarms.com • 434-315-1044 • 2484 Belle Branch Rd., Dillwyn, VA 23936

Ole Minor Farms is a member of the American Boer Goat Association and is working to bring the best boer genetics to the heart of Virginia. Our family is excited about the future of the boer goat industry and the opportunities it provides those of us in the agricultural way of life. God has blessed us to be able to remain on the family farm with our children and grandchildren.

You are invited to come see us at Ole Minor Farms. Get ready to talk about Boer Goats, Family and Farming.  We look forward to your visit.